Busting the Myths about Korean Red Ginseng!

Siberian Ginseng

What is Ginseng? – is no more a question, as the herb’s benefits have managed to let everyone know about it. The world not only knows well about the miraculous root but is also appreciating its wonders. As misconceptions are present for everything else, it does for the Korean Red Ginseng too. Listening repeatedly to something can make one believe it without searching for the truth. KGC believes that such sayings can mislead you. Hence, we have curated a list of some of the most common delusions about Korean Ginseng and have debunked them for you. So, let us get started with finding the facts behind some common myths. 

MYTH- The energizing herb is only for weak and elderly people!

FACT- Multiple studies showed that energy levels in people regardless the age may decrease with any physical or mental activity the person undergo. People often assume that only the elder or weak people need supplements for energy. But, the truth is every age group requires it. Only the amount or dose differs for different age groups. For varying conditions, the dosage of the herb varies. 

Not only does the age group matter, but the conditions for which it is getting taken also must get evaluated. It is crucial to remember that the effectiveness of Ginseng depends on the specific circumstances. Hence, Ginseng is for all. The only difference is why it is getting used. For aged people, it gets used to prevent diseases, while for the young ones- to enhance their healthy living. 

MYTH- Korean Ginseng results in numerous side effects!

FACT- This is absolutely false. In fact, in the philosophy of Oriental Medicine, the herb gets classified as herbal medicine, and it does not have any side effects. It makes it safe for long term use. Several studies, reports and experiments suggest that the herb does not have any side effects. Although several trusted organizations state that Ginseng does not have any contradictions, it gets suggested that individuals susceptive to nasal bleeding should avoid taking Ginseng or consult a medical practitioner for it. People who have abnormally high body temperature or fever must avoid the consumption of the herb. For people with influenza, Ginseng intake gets recommended as it promotes physical strength recovery. Some people also believe that it increases blood pressure. But, studies demonstrate that no abnormal variation occurs in blood pressure due to it. 

Ginseng also gets misunderstood to increase bodyweight. But, the truth is that it helps in losing weight. However, some mild side effects can get witnessed as an adaptive response. 

MYTH- Ginseng consumption should get avoided during the summers!

FACT- Never believe it. Unlike, usually gets said, Ginseng is more beneficial during Summers. It helps to regain the lost physical strength due to excessive sweating. The miraculous herb gets considered a metabolism stimulant. Hence it recovers the lost energy. It can get used irrespective of the seasons. The herb also acts against the increase in body temperature and helps to overcome the heat. 

MYTH- Korean Ginseng must get used based on Physiological Constitution!

FACT- People often think that their physical constitution might not get compliant with Ginseng. But, this is untrue. The herb plays an effective role in several organs. But, its medicinal role gets played only in the spleen and stomach. Hence, only individuals with a weak digestive tract should consult a doctor before intaking it. 

So, do not believe any of the myths about Korean, Siberian Ginseng or any other Ginseng without knowing the facts.