The Tale of Ginseng’s Name Origin and Exciting History!

Panax Ginseng

Ginseng is getting used to the uncountable benefits it offers to promote healthy living. The advantages of Panax Ginseng remain hidden from no one. Whether we speak about Ginseng acting as an immune booster or enhancing cardiac function, the miraculous herb is capable of doing it all. You might be consuming it or thinking to start but, do you know surprising things about the herb, other than its benefits?

Do not worry about KGC when KGC is here for you. Reading further will let you know how Ginseng got its name and some instances from its history. 

The name ‘Ginseng’

Ginseng gets grown from generations in the different parts of the world. The word gets heard every day but, have you ever wondered from where it came? The word Panax gets derived from the Greek word- Panakos. It means all healing. The herb also gets known as Wonder of the World and the Root of Heaven. The name to the herb got given by an explorer and botanist- Carl Anton Mayer. The word Ginseng gets derived from ‘Jen Shen’. Jen Shen means crystallization of the essence of the Earth (Shen) in the form of a man (Jen) according to Stephen Fulder. It is the reason behind it getting called Man root as it resembles a body with the legs of a man. The all healing herb also gets known as divine root, blood-like, five fingers, red berry, kingly herb and root of life. Chien Han Era was the earliest to mention Ginseng in his book. 

The History

Let us now take a look at some fascinating historical instances of Ginseng in Korea. 

  • In ancient times, gatherers in Korea used to purify themselves for a week by remaining clean before searching the revered herb. It got believed that the leaves of Ginseng plants shine in the moonlight. Hence, the gatherers would shoot an arrow wherever they see the leaves glow. It helped them to locate the plant and retrieve the herb the next day.
  • The Ginseng hunters got known as Shang diggers or Va-pang Suis. Most of these hunters got employed by the Emperor. But, some other people also used to risk their lives for hunting the herb to achieve the honour and wealth it would bring. 
  • Bandits or The White Swans were the people who attacked the Ginseng hunters to know the herb’s location or would directly steal from them. After torturing the prospectors, Bandits handed them a red flag to let others know- they have got attacked once. 
  • The Bandits were also in danger from getting attacked by the Panthers and Tigers who hunted the root. Still, the hunters went to the forests only with a stick as they believed that no one would harm them if they go with a pure heart. 

The craze for hunting Ginseng was for the same reason we use it now- The uncountable advantages for health. Concluding we would say Red Ginseng and its supplements are nothing but a blessing to promote healthy living.