Why Cheong Kwan Jang – History

Hong Sam Won - Korean Ginseng Drink

Numerous people find it crucial to know the company before buying their products. When it comes to health supplements, it becomes essential more than ever to know the producer. KGC understands it well and believes in transparency. Read on further to know our journey of building the most trusted brand for Korean Red Ginseng products. 


The best way to start knowing a brand is to understand its history and its journey. KGC got established in 1899 in the Royal Palace of the Korean Empire and was known as Samjeongkwa. It got owned by the government. After this, in 1987, Korea Ginseng Corp. got established. From 1999 it got privately owned. For the last 122 years, KGC has managed to proudly carry on the tradition and legacy of its top quality products. 


In 1999 Cheong-Kwan-Jang got selected as a Korean World-Class Product by the Korean Government. Adding to the achievements, KGC obtained an ISO certificate and was the winner of the Korea Brand Power Index in 2013. In 2015 KGC was rewarded with the certificate of The World No.1 Ginseng Brand. 

Why Cheong Kwan Jang?

We have listed some of the best reasons for you to choose KGC’s Ginseng products. 

  1. Highest Quality control standards- To ensure the best quality of the Ginseng products and to deliver the Ginseng benefits, KGC uses only six years of grown Korean Ginseng. The whole plantation process gets carefully monitored. The products at KGC go through several quality tests before they reach you. KGC believes in using minimum pesticides to ensure safety. 
  2. Trusted and Most Popular Brand- Our experience and high-quality products have made us be one of the best and most popular brands for Ginseng health supplements. 
  3. Powerful Ingredient- The ultimate of KGC is to build a world full of healthy people, and our ingredients help us achieve it. All the ingredients that we include in our products are highly beneficial for healthy living. 
  4. Safe and Effective- The quality checks conducted at KGC ensure that the products are safe for the consumer. Our numerous consumers have shared their views on how our products have changed their lives for the better.