Free Shipping Across the UAE - Buy 1 Get 1 Free Offer on Selected Items - Hurry Limited Time Offer

Free Shipping Across the UAE - Buy 1 Get 1 Free Offer on Selected Items - Hurry Limited Time Offer

Everyone dreams of a healthy, beautiful and happy life. KGC supports these dreams. We develop red ginseng-based health functional foods made from
various ingredients beneficial to our body, and offer beauty products and services such as red ginseng cosmetics and spa, etc. We also run a healthy lifestyle cafe that offers a relaxed environment to meet and communicate,  and we even offer premium health food for pets. All KGC products and services are sincerely provided to support the healthy, beautiful and happy life of the customer.

For a healthier world
Through various health food products and superior red ginseng with 6 proven efficacies including immunity enhancement, KGC contributes to the health of all its customers. Based on red ginseng, CheongKwanJang provides health solutions such as red ginseng roots and red ginseng extract which are traditional products that have been loved by our customers for a long time, as well as customized products that take into account the characteristics of each life cycle such as gender and age. Cheon Nok and
GoodBASE support the health of customers through products manufactured using ingredients from famous producers worldwide and products containing the functional ingredients required by our body based on analysis of the latest health trend.

For a more beautiful world

KGC is expanding its red ginseng production capabilities and potential to the beauty business under the slogan of a Health & Beauty Company. We support the beautiful and energetic life of customers through premium red ginseng cosmetic brand Donginbi, as well as SPA 1899, a red ginseng spa program that offers ritual and therapy.

For a happier world

KGC launched ‘Sapoon Sapoon’ and ‘Ginipet’ to reflect the lifestyle of customers and allow them to enjoy their daily lives. Sapoon Sapoon is a health cafe that offers healthy red ginseng-based beverages in a relaxing, eco-friendly space. A premium health food brand for pets, Ginipet helps customers to lead a happy life with their pets who are also considered members of the family.

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